What the ideal local authority would do to support food production

At the 2022 Wales Real Food and Farming Conference, Lucie Taylor of the Community Land Advisory Service gave a talk about what the perfect local authority would do. It was such a hit that she recorded a version of it below.

In it, she introduces the Community Land Advisory Service which has been helping people get access to land to grow food since 2013.

Then she describes a vision which covers county farms, new entrants, mapping, the planning process, parks, farm subsidies, support for commercial horticulture, land use planning, food hubs, CSA, land trusts, community asset transfers, orchards, local development plans, knowledge sharing, corporate engagement, volunteering and home gardens.

Let’s make it a reality! See https://www.farmgarden.org.uk/clas/wales/resources.

Main image: Emily Chappell and Glasgow Community Food Network

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