Y Maniffesto | The Manifesto

Rydym yn ysgrifennu Maniffesto Bwyd i Gymru er mwyn helpu i lunio’r system fwyd yng Nghymru. Mae’n cydweddu yn agos â Deddf Llesiant Cenedlaethau’r Dyfodol ac yn seiliedig ar ddinasyddiaeth a gwerthoedd a rennir. Rydym yn gobeithio y byddwch yn dymuno bod yn rhan ohono. Darllenwch am Ein Syniad Mawr a’n gweledigaeth ac amcanion wedyn cysylltwch â ni: helo @maniffestobwyd.cymru (heb y bwlch).   Tanysgrifiwch i’n cylchlythyr.


We’re writing a Food Manifesto to help shape the food system in Wales. It is closely aligned with the Well-being of Future Generations Act and is based on principles of citizenship and shared values. We hope you’ll want to get involved. Read about Our Big Idea and our vision and aims then get in touch – email hello @foodmanifesto.wales (without the space). Sign up to our newsletter.

Our beautiful header graphic was created by Laura Sorvala from Auralab

One thought on “Y Maniffesto | The Manifesto

  1. Rachel Sharp says:

    To enable sustainable fisheries in Wales we need to increase our domestic market for fish and shellfish. We need to ensure that people know that the catch they are eating has come from sustainability managed stocks. To add value processing of fish and shell fisheries needs to increase and distinctive Welsh produce needs to be developed

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